You GO Girl!

You know what we need to do. We need to EMPOWER women. I don’t mean the typical empowerment that happens now , that we see on the daily but girl, don’t get me wrong… women right now are getting empowered & crushing it!! When I hear the word empowerment, to me it means opportunity, a chance to thrive, showing them a way to change their life.

I think if we really want to empower women, we need to show them opportunity; we need to allow our little girls to envision becoming greater than those before her and only by breaking the cycle ourselves. All too much I hear things like, I could never do this, I could never do that, all because we as a society I feel have hugely failed females by not providing them with things to empower themselves.

My hope is for women to understand that their path is not paved! That when opportunity presents itself you need to jump on it, and jump quick! You are not just a mother, daughter, sister; wife or whatever other label has been put on you. You are whatever the eff you want to be! Do not give up on your dreams that you had as a child, they aren’t dead and you are not done yet.

Instead of just talking the talk, it’s time to walk the damn walk and empower women by showing them how to build a legacy, how to leave a lasting mark and how to run the world!

Let’s employ to empower, let’s build businesses, houses and raise children that know the value of our power! Empower yourself so you can empower our future female leaders.

How to repair your DAMAGED hair!

Ok so here is some history on the life and times of my hair. It all began at the sweet age of 12 when my mom who is also my stylist decided it was time to start colouring my hair. I have had it all! Red, Magenta, Pink, Jet Black, Blue Black,Purple, Browns and my first love Blonde.

Now, I naturally have super dark black hair and with the mixes of red getting to blonde was a disaster! In turn it fried my hair, like dead. So I found this little concoction that has revived my hair and because I love you all, I just had to share!!!

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You are so selfish!

To be Selfish:  lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.
Synonyms: egocentric, egotistic, egomaniac,self-serving…OUCH

To be Selfless: concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own.  Synonyms: Unselfish, self-sacrificing, self-denying…YUCK

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Let Go & Let Love

Let me tell you, I have been on quite the journey lately. I have been digging and digging in my mind to go back and to find those moments from the past that I feel need to healed, for the people I need to forgive and find all the wrongs so I can try to make them right. I wanted to understand the things that have happened in my life that have preprogrammed my subconscious into its current way of thinking.

The way that I have felt in the last year has been something that I had not dealt with before. I kept saying to myself that my pain stemmed from my past and the things that may have happened or may have been said that my mind has held onto. So I dug right in and I dug really, really deep into my mind to find answers so I could release the past and heal from it. Guess what…I found lots of information and I did lots of letting go and lots of healing but that feeling was still lingering around me like some serious stank…ya know what I’m saying.  I wake up some days and I’m like HELL YES! I feel like a goddess today and then other days I’m like DAMMMN who are you?

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One of those Days

Today is one of those days; you know the ones that feel never-ending. The ones that you vibe so low you just feel like nothing you say, do or hear will put a real smile on your face. As children and as adults we are told to not show how we really feel, to keep those bad feelings down and really just shut up and deal with your shit alone. Reality is we have those low vibes day and it is ok to talk about them.

Social media shares our highlight reel which people take as reality but our pain is hidden because it’s too taboo to be sad.

I am guilty of it 100%! I share my highlights and I share the days where I look and feel my best. Truth is this week I have felt like garbage. I have looked in the mirror and been disgusted with what I see, I listen to my voice and I am pissed that I can’t get the words out. I have been full of static, self-doubt and sadness but I have been hiding it from everyone around me.  The old me would have sat here and wallowed in those feelings with no chance of getting out and I was close to slipping right back into it!

I am done with the old me though so here is what I do now. Now I feel the pain, I accept it and understand it is there to remind me of something so much bigger. It is there for me to learn a lesson, it is there for me to grow from and it is there for me to experience so that I can better myself and share those experiences with the world.

This time around I am grateful for my pain, sadness and doubt. This time I recognize its importance and know I will come out stronger on the other end. I don’t need validation from the society around me; what I need is to love who I am unconditionally. What I need is to be gentle with myself, to take care of myself and to help other women do the same thing. I thank my guides for showing me my purpose, for aiding me in being gentle and for pushing me to take care of myself. Instead of taking 100 steps back I am taking 1000 leaps forward. Please if you feel the way I do some days, most days, all days, I want you to breathe, be in the moment, be gentle with yourself and know I am here for you and with you. I go through what you go through, I feel the same feelings you do and will always be a shoulder for you to lean on*cue cheesy music*

I love you! I love me!

Peace! Farah


What do I do?

I always here “Farah..I love what you do”
I think to myself well what is it that I do that people love about what I do. So I sat and thought about it…
This is what I do and I know I will continue to do for the rest of my life.
I empower, I give people the realest real that I am and through that help them find themselves. I want to teach people how to live life without being scared. I want them to know how difficult I have made my own life. How one day I said enough is enough and then I continued to do the same self destructing, unproductive stuff over and over again, day after day.
It’s ok to mess up ! It’s ok to to be an idiot but as long as one day you say “I am done with this and it’s time to move on”
By speaking to you and showing you my story then we can grow our amazing stories together. At this point in my career I am so humbled, grateful and overjoyed for what I have and all my accomplishments, but I want more. I want to help more people feel amazing!! I want to build with you so that we can make our lives the best ever!!
I hope from this we grow together. I am not going to sit on top of a pedestal and say I have done this and I have accomplished this but not tell you that I am still working, still learning, still messing up, still being human. I am going to become my best self so I can help you become your best self…yes it’s super cliche but it’s freaking amazing!!! I want to change my life while you change your life and we can celebrate together!
Thank you for giving me the platform to spread my souls purpose! Thank you for always listening xo